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Server ChangeLog (Plugins/Gameplay)

17 Apr 2014

Posted by xX_St3aler_Xx in Official Announcements

This update is mainly for economy. As lots of people complained about the current advanced economy plugin, I removed it and changed the server back to old type.

These changes will take place for economy from today.


This is not a map reset or server reset. Just removal of some plugins and adding new.



Now you can Have upto 2 Jobs. There are Job level Limits so no one can be Op in some job (Like go upto 99 level etc.. )  



Auctions are back ! just type /auc for more info.


Server Shop


Server shop is redone with fixed prices. You can access Shop by /shop. 

You can buy Almost every item in our GUI menu Server Shop.



Selling stuff to server shop has been limited. 

That means you can sell only common stuff which are usually considered as

waste or Junk.

You can use /auc for other selling.


Player warps and Homes

Now normal players can have upto 3 Homes. That is /sethome <name>.

And VIP+ onwards can have personal warps. That are visited by /warp <name>.

You can give any player permission to use your warps. You can have upto 3 personal warps.


Towny Outposts

Normal players can now have 1 Outposts per town.

Vips can have 2 per town.

Chest Shops

Chest shops are having a huge bug currently. Once they resolve it I'm adding it too.


Plugins on test :

Cars / Guns 

They may or may not be included.



Comment if you like or not about changes. You can suggest more.

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On 1st of April, Its 1 year to O2D Minecraft!

29 Mar 2014

Posted by xX_St3aler_Xx in Official Announcements

We are 1 year and Counting!

Some of you may think.. what ! this server started in February.. how come ?

Well This is our second server. We had our first server on 1st of April 2013.

It was closed for public since May 2013. And the server lasted since the start of 2014.

But due to some problems I had to change the Host. and I took the chance to start over.

I have made lots of changes to this server and now its all done. I will not change anything again

unless adding something new.


Special for celebrating 1 year! ( VIP Ranks 50% off! )

To celebrate our 1st year Svip and Gvip will be 50% off until 10th of April !

SVIP(fly) - 25$

GVIP (God) - 35$



Current VIP / VIP+ or VIP++ cannot upgrade to SVIP or GVIP with this offer.

Current SVIPs cannot upgrade to GVIP with this offer.

What special events we must do ?

Suggest any special event we must do in server to celebrate our first year! :)

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